[Frameworks] Big Slit

From: David Woods <dwoods_at_holcus.karoo.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 6 May 2011 19:31:06 +0100

For those who get something of a frisson when given a once in a lifetime
chance to see inside the belly of the dinosaur, Kodak's upcoming auction,
and imagery, might be a momentary diversion from the urgent business of
promulgating more digital data.


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c58bf9660e124b9d3300a0942617f119> Triple Rewind Turret Slit Spool Converting
Machine (Serial No. 90029, Yr 1991).900 Linear Metres per Hour, 450 Metres
per Min. Range: Width: 89mm-203mm. Length: 0-600m (Yr 1991)



A monumental version of the little 16mm to standard 8mm slitter I have, and
on occasion, use.





THE / David Woods

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