Re: [Frameworks] fluorescent lights & aaton cameras?

From: matt's frameworks address <>
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2011 15:16:07 -0700

"has anyone tried shooting with an Aaton at 24fps under fluorescent lights?
Did a test recently on a Bolex, loadsa flicker at 64fps (no surprises there)
but not at 8fps (from what I can make out from a very short bit of roll-in)
I shot some Dan Flavin's a couple of years back on a K3 at 24fps which
looked fine"

is your Bolex crystal sync? my guess is that at 8fps the shutter was open
too long for the flicker to really affect it, where as at 64fps you were
getting all the flicker detail. Also, all fluorescent bulbs (tubes?) are
not equal- there are 'flicker free' versions which are quiet expensive, and
cheaper ones that flicker badly, so if you do tests be sure to use the same
lights and camera that you will be using for the final project.

I think the general rule is is that if your camera has crystal sync than you
pretty much have to use flicker free tubes- but if you are shooting
non-crystal sync than you may actually have a bit more leeway. I know Jem
Cohen often shoots fluorescent lights with a non-sync Bolex with beautiful
results- it's as if the flicker from the non-sync camera equalizes the
flicker from the bulbs.


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