[Frameworks] films that consider the idea of a super hero

From: Bryan Konefsky <bryank_at_unm.edu>
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 11:31:31 -0600

Hi all - I was recently asked to curate a program of
un-dependent cinema that in some way considers the concept
of the super hero... If anyone has suggestions (historic
or contemporary) and/or if any of you might have produced
something you'd be interested in having me review, please
contact me.

Bryan Konefsky, Visualiste
Lecturer, Dept. of Cinematic Arts, University of New
Artistic Director, Experiments in Cinema
President, Basement Films
Advisory Board, Ann Arbor Film Festival
guest curator, Southwest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

"As the spirit wanes the form appears." - Charles Bukowski
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