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While I am not disagreeing with you I would be interested in seeing what sources you would site as proof of what you are saying here. You are claiming scientific knowledge of the physiological difference between watching projected film and projected video (analog vs digital). You even use the term "scientific fact." That takes it far from conjecture or personal theory. Any peer reviewed papers, articles or thesis you can call our attention to that backs up this "scientific fact"?

As much as a certain amount of logic can be had in saying there are differences in the way we view film vs video in the end we are seeing projected light on a screen. Both input paths (light reflecting off a surface into our eyes) are analog. (for the sake of this discussion I am ignoring video screens/monitors,etc). Much like sound there is no such thing as "digital" once it has been converted into sensory input. All sensory input is analog.


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Subject: Re: [Frameworks] Quo Vadis Celluloid?

There is a significant difference in the physiological (and consequent psychological) responses to viewing projected film as opposed to viewing digital projection. The variances in individual photochemical frames of projected film require significantly different types of bodily and cognitive functions to process. Simply put, the human body and mind respond much differently to analog and digital information.

This is not mysticism, nor fetishism. It is scientific fact and identifying it is part of a desire to preserve a unique type of human experience. This is why I get so upset with people who talk only of preserving analog film as a capture medium. An equally tragic transformation is occuring in the theaters with the conversion over to digital projection--even if it is shot on film, digital projection of that film material ends up empty and lifeless.

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