[Frameworks] AVANT11 Goes Landscaping 30.9.-1.10 2011 Karlstad, Sweden. Program attached!

From: John Sundholm <john.sundholm_at_kau.se>
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2011 08:18:01 +0200

AVANT11 Goes Landscaping 30.9.-1.10 2011
Karlstad, Sweden

AVANT11 is dedicated to landscape films. Films and film performances in
which the landscape plays the major part. The program starts Friday evening
with landscape performances, among them Guy Sherwin’s classical live
performance “Paper Landscape”. Saturday consists of two programs
dedicated to the Northern landscape, including films by Werner Nekes, shot
in Sweden. AVANT11 closes with a program of films featuring landscapes as
part of the audiovisual experience.

Invited filmmakers are Susanne Berggren and Michael Walter (Sweden), Guy
Sherwin (UK), Inger Lise Hansen (Norway), Werner Nekes (Germany), Claes
Söderquist (Sweden), Gunvor Nelson (Sweden) and Lynn Loo (UK).

In connection to Gunvor Nelson’s exhibition at Kristinehamns konstmuseum
there will be a roundtable with Gunvor Nelson, Guy Sherwin and Inger Lise
Hansen, moderated by Stefan Westling, at 15.00 on Friday.

AVANT is free of charge but booking is mandatory:

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