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Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2011 23:33:37 -0700

 We're clearing out a lot of 16mm educational films, cans and cases.
I've just discovered more films so it looks like 150 now for $50.00.
I need to have them out by the weekend.
 Will throw in cases and extra reels and lots of other items.
 Lots of interesting titles
 Geronimo Jones
 The Survival Factor
 Theory of Plate Tectonics
 People of Venice
 You and Your Food (Disney)
 Rancho Life
 The Money Tree
 I have 100-200 additional "parts" of films (i.e. Part 1) that may be
 for montage based projects .
 Happy to let those go cheaply as well.
 I also have a pair of nearly new Bell and Howell 1568 16mm a high
 intensity arc lamp projectors for sale.
 Very clean.
 Additionally I have about 8 Eiki 16mm projectors for sale as well. Models
RT-0 and ST-1H
Some working some for parts.
Local pickup in SF only.
 Best regards,
 Stephen Parr
 Oddball Films
 Oddball Film+Video

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