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this film installation will take place in a park in downtown Atlanta. i will be able to control the lights in the park, but will have spill from somewhat distant buildings. the 30' elevation is being considered via platform such as scaffolding or lift. keystone is not an issue. scheduled Monday i will do test with an Eiki SSL-O w/ f1.2 lens. at this point im still contemplating what i will be projecting on, i.e. particles in water, water, etc. but projection intensity will somewhat interpret the material.
just desire brightest possible image and if xenon 750+W can make a considerable difference please share your knowledge since i am ignorant with illumination of xenon or the B&H 1568 in an outdoor setting.


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I don't agree on the ELC comparison. In my experience xenon beats an ELC every day for brightness. Aren't there plenty of portable xenons that take a full range of lenses? On the B&H 1568 (not xenon, but the somewhat comparable Marc 300) I use an f/1.2 50"lens, same as I use on tungsten B&H's. Is this f/1.2 lens exclusive to Bell and Howell?

BTW, f/1.2 is the fastest a lens can be, correct? "f/1" is theoretical, all the light passes through. And I've never seen f/1.1.  If I'm wrong, enlighten me.
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Any Xenon you could move around won't be all that much brighter than anything using an ELC tungsten (e.g. Eiki or Elmo) with a fast lens. There are like f1.2 lenses for those projectors, which is around a full stop faster than a f1.8. Throw per se isn't really an issue. Screen size is. The projector only has a finite light output, and if you spread that over a wider area, it gets dimmer (whether by increasing rhe throw w/o changing the focal length, or by going to a wider focal length w/o increasing the throw).

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