[Frameworks] Fwd: Camera man/woman in Mexico City Mo.10.Oct.-Sat.15.Oct.2011

From: Pip Chodorov <frameworks_at_re-voir.com>
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2011 02:46:08 +0200

maybe someone can help Nadine find some helpers in Mexico.

>Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 18:01:51 +0200
>From: "Nadine Taschler" <kisses1_at_gmx.at>
>Subject: Camera man/woman in Mexico City Mo.10.Oct.-Sat.15.Oct.2011
>To: film4%kisses1_at_gmx.at, film3%kisses1_at_gmx.at, film2%kisses1_at_gmx.at,
> film%kisses1_at_gmx.at
>My dear film friends,
>this is my second call, this time I have fixed dates.
>I'm looking for
>1)an experienced camera woman or man who knows
>how to handle a 16mm camera
>2)a translator and researcher from now on
>(Mon.29.Aug.2011-Sat.15.Oct.2011 or a little
>3)a driver with a car (Mon.10.Oct.2011-Sat.15.Oct.2011)
>Please forward me if you know anybody that could
>help, the infos are down below, if you have more
>questions please send me a mail (kisses1_at_gmx.at)
>or skype (sistersofart) me.
>I'm writing because I need help! I need an
>experienced 16mm Camera man or woman (I'll have
>a Bolex RX5) that lives right in Mexico City, or
>close enough to help me shoot my 16mm docu from
>I'm looking for ANYBODY to help me, I'm
>experienced with 16mm but can't do the filming
>because I have to do the interview.
>If you are into 16mm, can invest the week in my
>project and would be willing to jump in a car
>with me and the woman I'm
>interviewing, following us to places, getting the best shots of her
>sometimes even during the car drive (I'll organize a driver), the
>areas and houses and eventually me asking her
>questions, then please get in contact with me.
>I'm also looking for somebody who can help me
>with the research and translation in advance
>starting from now on till probably 15th of Oct.
>Being my translator & researcher means that you
>work on your own in advance (we will have skype
>conferences) and have time to run trough Mexico
>City with me from 28thSept-9thOkt, eventually
>also the week after when I'm shooting. (The
>exact times can be arranged, you don't need to
>be with me all the time)
>To give you a few more teasers:
>Who am I?
>I'm a 23year old film director from Vienna,
>Austria, who does not speak Spanish. I have been
>working on film for the last few years and I
>love it. I also have experience doing hand
>developing of Super8/16mm/35mm and I actually
>built up a DIY film lab in Vienna. If you want
>to see a few of the films I did check:
>Yes I can pay, but not much, all I can pay is a
>little expense allowance, which for sure will
>not cover what your work is really worth.
>I'm looking for people that want to dedicate
>their soul to my project, I'm very passionate
>about it and have been working on it since 2008,
>I don't earn any money from it, the truth is
>actually the other way round ;-)
>The things I'm researching in Mexico City are: a dubious suicide, the
>loss of film equipment, the involvement of "Cantinflas" Fortino
>Mario Moreno and other film personalities, a lost grave, an expensive
>hotel and of course a lot of other stuff.
>Nadine Taschler
>skype: sistersofart
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