Re: [Frameworks] frieze article

From: Marcel Schwierin <>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 16:01:21 +0200

thanks for this insight. i was always sure that adverts are rarely original but i didn't know that the rip off is so obvious and systematic. propably it works similar in the field of music video... does anybody has knowledge about "creative reels" there, too?

Am Mi. 30.03.11 um 00:53 schrieb Francisco Torres:

> Since the early 80s I worked with ad people for many years AND NEVER ONCE they did generate a single original idea.
> They always carired around art books with dozens of yellow post it notes marking pages for the artworks they wanted to rip off for the commercial they were currently working on. Later in the 90s they progressed to renting movies with scenes simliar to the ones they needed and editing those scenes into what they called "Creative reels" that they gave to the Prod Designer and DP to copy from.
> Ads are the rot of intellect.
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