[Frameworks] optical printing questions - working in B&W

From: John Woods <jawoods01_at_yahoo.ca>
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2011 11:42:57 -0700 (PDT)

I've also got a couple questions about printing but with working with B&W material. I've got some Super 8 Plus-X that was hand processed in D-76 to negative that I am interested in blowing up to 16mm.  There are some optical effects that I want to do with it (freeze frames and step printing). I've got some 7363 on hand to work with. I'm wondering whether it would be better to do a straight blow up to a stock like 7302 (or other stock) and then print from that onto the 7363 to create the effects and an internegative or to do it the other way around, & blow up to 7363 and then print to 7302? I intend to do some tests with the 7363 but would appreciate any advice on S8 blowups. My printing experience is limited and only with available camera stocks, I don't have experience with print stocks. I would also be interested to hear from anyone who has used a colour print stock to create tinted prints. Many thanks. JW ________________________________ From: Christopher Harris <charris91_at_hotmail.com> To: frameworks_at_jonasmekasfilms.com Sent: Sat, April 23, 2011 4:12:26 PM Subject: [Frameworks] optical printing questions Hello all, I would like to make optical prints of color originals but before I begin I want to make sure I don't make things more difficult than necessary.  I have printed to 7399 once upon a time but I know that stock is long gone so I can't quite wrap my head around the workflow for color.  Can anyone suggest optimal workflow and  color print stocks to use (if there are any)? Briefly: I plan to shoot color neg and have work-prints made at a lab.  Next I want to optically re-print the lab produced work-prints with color filters but I have no idea what stock I should use in the optical printer's camera.  Oh, and I plan to finish with sound on film and I'll be shooting all 16mm. Any advice? Thanks, CH

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