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From: andrew lennox <>
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2011 10:54:14 -0700 (PDT)

hi chris,

i use kodak 50D (7245, 7201) or fuji 64D (dont remember the emulsion number).
 once you filter it for tungsten it's 12asa or lower if you add more filters for
additional colour correction. that's roughly the same speed as a proper
interneg like 7272. 7272 is what you are supposed to use but often i use 50D to
save money.
7242 is another possibility. i've used it but the stock i had was expired so i
cant speak for it. it can be used to make master positives according to kodak
(never tried myself). i have made b/w master positives before for optical
printing and that was crucial for preserving details.
kodak has a workprint stock (3383) and a release print stock (cant remember the
emulsion number but they call it premium) for making your final prints.
if you want to do some more filter work after you get the first print struck at
the lab just keep in mind that you will have a significant build up of
generations so making master positives and true internegs like 7272 with help
with contrast, grain and details, etc.
best of luck,

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i used to use 7248, switched to 7212, so far so good!
cheers moira t

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>From: Christopher Harris <>
>Subject: [Frameworks] optical printing questions
>Date: Saturday, April 23, 2011, 7:12 PM
> Hello all,
>I would like to make optical prints of color originals but before I begin I want
>to make sure I don't make things more difficult than necessary. I have printed
>to 7399 once upon a time but I know that stock is long gone so I can't quite
>wrap my head around the workflow for color. Can anyone suggest optimal workflow
>and color print stocks to use (if there are any)?
>Briefly: I plan to shoot color neg and have work-prints made at a lab. Next I
>want to optically re-print the lab produced work-prints with color filters but I
>have no idea what stock I should use in the optical printer's camera. Oh, and I
>plan to finish with sound on film and I'll be shooting all 16mm.
>Any advice?
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