Re: [Frameworks] Threat to 16mm printing in the UK.

From: Gary Thomas (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Feb 22 2011 - 23:23:09 PST

On 22 Feb 2011, at 21:40, Pip Chodorov wrote:

> Nicky and all,
> there are other movements afoot to reverse this decision.
> Maybe you can contact David to join forces.
> -Pip
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> From: DAVID LEISTER <email suppressed>
> Date: Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 8:01 PM
> Subject: Urgent 16mm news
> Dear Friends,
> I'm forwarding a copy of a letter from Tacita Dean, who's trying to
> co-ordinate an effective response to the news that Deluxe are stopping
> 16mm printing at Soho images.
> As she makes clear, we need an International response, with as many
> film makers/producers, artists, galleries, Industry heads, curators...
> as we can get. Please use your networks to spread the word, so we can
> emphasise the importance of keeping the 16mm lab running, or,
> alternatively, try and encourage the establishing of some alternative
> resource.
> If you wish to sign the letter or be involved please email me back
> directly, as we are helping to compile the list of supporters for the
> letter. This is to avoid Tacita being overrun with mail. You will
> then be updated on any further developments.
> Many thanks and best wishes
> David
> Dear All,
> As I imagine you all probably know by now, the take-over of Soho Images by
> Deluxe has lead to the decision last week to stop 16mm print with immediate
> effect. I was in the lab on Thursday & Friday last week with Len when he was
> told he couldn't take any more orders.
> Anyway, I don't think we should let this happen without making some noise.
> I've been told there isn't a hope in hell of shifting the decision locally
> and that we have to go higher and to the US, so I've gone to extremes and
> already made contact with Thelma Schoonmaker (ie hopefully Scorsese) and
> written to Spielberg!!
> But our real hope perhaps lies in taking the argument away from the cinema
> industry. The owner of Deluxe is Ron Perelman, an unsavoury US businessmen
> who has made his fortune buying up companies and stripping them of their
> assets. He is also, or has been, a patron of the arts. Through the
> Guggenheim, I'm hoping to get a letter to him with many co-signatories - so
> far: MOMA, the Whitney, hopefully the Tate and as many artists, filmmakers,
> institutions and galleries we can muster. This is where I need everyone's
> help. We need to get this list together as soon as we can, so please anyone
> who can be informed and who is happy to sign or contribute, please for the
> moment let me know (through yourselves so I don't get inundated with
> emails).
> I am writing an article for The Guardian, and have also been in contact with
> the NY Times. We have to take this argument over the pond.
> The decision, of course, is cultural rather than financial. Len said they're
> backed up with work but to the cinema industry execs, 16mm printing is time
> taken away from feature work and feature work is all that counts.
> Failing to get them to reverse the decision, we must try and finds a means
> to at least get more time. In the end, we will probably need to set up, what
> is now being called "a boutique laboratory", possibly with the BFI, and the
> best hope is that Deluxe work with us in pursuit of this and not against us
> (ie not trash the equipment).
> Best wishes,
> Tacita
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