Re: [Frameworks] Threat to 16mm printing in the UK.

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Would Soho stop print both 16mm B&W and color sound prints, or just color
sound prints? If the situation in the UK is the same as the states, some
labs (like Alpha Cine in Seattle) stopped printing color sound prints
because of the activator bath required for the sound track. EPA restrictions
and disposal make it costly to deal with this chemical.
Alpha can however still make B&W/color work prints, B&W/color silent final
prints, and B/W sound prints.

Wonder if Soho (now Deluxe) is in the same situation? Many printers are both
16/35, use the same chemistry for all formats, and print stock can be
ordered as need or kept in short supply, so unless Soho wants to make space
in their facility or their timer retired or was let go, I don't see how
they'd be saving much money cutting this service. Does Soho currently
process all formats and print 16/35?


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> Dear Frameworkers,
> I've heard that Soho Film Lab in London, recently purchased by Deluxe, may
> be planning to cease 16mm printing imminently. I think we need some kind of
> campaign to try to stop this from happening, since Soho are the last
> commercial lab in the UK still offering this service.
> I'd be grateful if anyone could help to draw Deluxe's attention to the
> implications of such a move. It may be that in itself 16mm printing is no
> longer cost effective, but the tiny percentage it must represent as a part
> of their total operation, and the corresponding amount of savings to be
> made, must be small in comparison to the cultural losses that would be
> incurred. On the other hand Deluxe could benefit in a PR sense from their
> being seen to be supporting an important area of cultural activity,
> Nicky Hamlyn.
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