Re: [Frameworks] Threat to 16mm printing in the UK.

From: Jay Hudson (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Feb 22 2011 - 07:07:30 PST

Best of luck Nicky! Though you should get a hold of your own contact
printer and put it in a public space. That is the ways things are going for
us celluloid people. The soon people start figuring it out, the better.


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> Dear Frameworkers,
> I've heard that Soho Film Lab in London, recently purchased by Deluxe, may
> be planning to cease 16mm printing imminently. I think we need some kind of
> campaign to try to stop this from happening, since Soho are the last
> commercial lab in the UK still offering this service.
> I'd be grateful if anyone could help to draw Deluxe's attention to the
> implications of such a move. It may be that in itself 16mm printing is no
> longer cost effective, but the tiny percentage it must represent as a part
> of their total operation, and the corresponding amount of savings to be
> made, must be small in comparison to the cultural losses that would be
> incurred. On the other hand Deluxe could benefit in a PR sense from their
> being seen to be supporting an important area of cultural activity,
> Nicky Hamlyn.
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