[Frameworks] projection screen query / Yoko Ono

From: Andy Ditzler (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Feb 21 2011 - 13:27:08 PST


This spring, I will be presenting a realization of a Yoko Ono "film script,"
which asks the audience to "cut the part of the image on the screen that
they don't like." (This will take place in a museum setting.) We are
considering a number of projection surface options, including paper and bulk
projection screen material. (It must be able to be easily cut by scissors.)
Does anyone have experience with inexpensive temporary projection surfaces
like this? Any advice on where to pick up bulk material?

A second question: the piece is "Film Script #3" from 1964's "Six Film
Scripts." I'm interested to know about prior realizations of this work so
far, and am wondering if anyone here has done it, or knows of previous


Andy Ditzler
Atlanta, GA

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