Re: [Frameworks] 16mm Kodachrome1974 processed as B&W

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Date: Mon Feb 21 2011 - 11:11:06 PST

Try using a stronger developer like D-19.
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Subject: [Frameworks] 16mm Kodachrome1974 processed as B&W

Hi all,
I have a few 100ft rolls of 16mm Kodachrome II expired in 1974.

I have shot and processed one in the Lomo tank and you can barely see an image, even though I did compensate all that I could by opening the lens diaphragm as much as possible. And it was a very bright day.

I did clean the brown coating.
I processed it with x-Tol developer, 8 mins. 20ยบ.

I would like to push is and see if that way I can get a better image. I guess I will have to run some tests, increasing developing times gradually.
Maybe I could also shoot at a slower speed. 
If I don't get good results in exterior locations then I will use this film to shoot something in the studio where I could have more light.

Can anyone give me some suggestions as to how to push-process this film please? 


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