Re: [Frameworks] 16mm Kodachrome1974 processed as B&W

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Date: Mon Feb 21 2011 - 09:29:45 PST

I may be misunderstanding you, but you have to remove the remjet backing, not just clean it, you need to make sure it comes off.

Also I don't think you want to be overexposing the film really as it is reversal. You need to try and get it as close to the mark as you can.

Lastly I'm not sure from the description if you are trying to process as reversal or neg. Someone was recently advising me that really ancient kodachrome was better processed as neg, but I would expect that changes the effective speed of the film too?

Hopefully someone with better home processing knowledge can chime in! I've got a load of K40 kicking around so interested to hear what others have to say too. :)



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Subject: [Frameworks] 16mm Kodachrome1974 processed as B&W
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Hi all,I have a few 100ft rolls of 16mm Kodachrome II expired in 1974.
I have shot and processed one in the Lomo tank and you can barely see an image, even though I did compensate all that I could by opening the lens diaphragm as much as possible. And it was a very bright day.
I did clean the brown coating.I processed it with x-Tol developer, 8 mins. 20º.
I would like to push is and see if that way I can get a better image. I guess I will have to run some tests, increasing developing times gradually.Maybe I could also shoot at a slower speed. If I don't get good results in exterior locations then I will use this film to shoot something in the studio where I could have more light.
Can anyone give me some suggestions as to how to push-process this film please? 

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