Re: [Frameworks] Super 8 in Music Video's and film

From: Jason Halprin (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Feb 18 2011 - 04:49:28 PST


Let us see that list of festivals when you get it compiled!

There's really a ton of festivals that will still exhibit super 8 and other
small gauge formats. Some list it explicitly, others will make an effort to
accommodate projection when practical/technically possible.

As for a rationale, Super 8mm never really was a professional format, but has a
great set of limitations from which to work. It is used here and there in
commercials, features, music videos, etc (you may want to check with Pro 8mm,
Spectra, Flying Spot, etc, and see who they've made transfers for lately), but
its real value to a new filmmaker is initial ease of use and portability, and
down the road for the intermediate advanced student, it offers a separation from
the bells and whistles possible in many other workflows.

-Jason Halprin


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