[Frameworks] Swiss Experimental Films (1962-2003) in India

From: Fred Truniger (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Feb 14 2011 - 05:29:00 PST

Dear Frameworkers
Proud to announce twelve screenings of rarely seen swiss avant-garde films in India. On the occasion of the restoration of 14 experimental films from the long forgotten history of Swiss avant-garde film through the project "Der Künstlerische Film in der Schweiz 1950-1988 / Art Films in Switzerland 1950-1988" (see http://ipf.zhdk.ch/english/research/current-research-projects/art-films-in-switzerland-1950-1988-2) four programmes with 18 avant-garde films will tour through the four cities of New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Calcutta, and Mumbai!

If anyone happens to be in the area, you are welcome to join in in these apparently free of cost projections. See for local newspapers for more news or contact me offline for further information. Our current knowledge of the venues and times of our screenings are rather vestigial, but it should be able to reach us via email to receive more precise directions.

If you happen to be a curator / if you organise screenings and are interested in screening these (and other) programmes, you can contact me as well.

Cheers to all,

The Programme of "Swiss Experimental Films (1962-2003)" in India

Dates and Locations:
February 21: Jamia Mila Islamia University, New Delhi (http://www.jmi.ac.in/)
February 24-26: National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad (http://www.nid.edu/)
February 28-March 2: Satyajit Ray Institute, Calcutta (http://www.srfti.gov.in/)
March 5-7: Mohile Parikh Center, Mumbai (http://mohileparikhcenter.org/site/)

The Programmes:

Pazifik and Other Films (83 Min.)
Allah, Renzo Schraner, 1967, 14 Min, 16mm
13 Berner Museen, Georg Radanowicz, 1968, 13 Min, 16mm
Pazifik oder die Zufriedenen, Fredi Murer, 1964, 56 Min, 16mm

Experimental Landscapes (88 Min.)
C'était un dimanche en automne..., Claude Champion, CH 1971, 35mm, 7 Min.
BER-LIN 99/00, André Lehmann, CH 2000/2003, 21 Min, 16mm
Die Sage vom alten Hirten Xeudi und seinem Freund Reimann, Hans-Jakob Siber, 1973, 60 Min, 16mm

Formal Experimentations (71 Min.)
Status Symbol, Seb. C. Schroeder, 1970, 2 Min, 16mm
I/68 Dinge, Werner von Mutzenbecher, 1968, 8 Min, 16mm, silent
Chicorée, Fredi M. Murer 1966, 27 Min, 16mm alternating with X-Bilder, Kurt Kühn, 1968, 32 Min, 16mm
Spiegelei, Isa Hesse-Rabinovitch, 1969, 7 Min, 16mm
Zeil-Film, Urs Breitenstein, CH/D 1980, 6 Min, 16mm
My Grandparents, Dieter Meier, CH 1974, 9 Min, 16mm
Collage No. 1, Seb. C. Schroeder, 1968-70, 6 Min, 16mm
Inclinations, Guido + Eva Haas, 1962-66, 6 Min, 16mm

Unconventional Narratives (78 Min.)
Abbilder des Todes, Balz Raz / Bernd Fiedler, CH 1967, 16mm, 20 Min.
Lydia, Reto A. Savoldelli, 1968, 43 Min, 16mm
Wieviel Erde braucht der Mensch, Hannes Bossert, 1971, 15 Min, 16mm

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