[Frameworks] Kodachrome processing as b&w

From: Scott Stark (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Feb 06 2011 - 08:30:16 PST

Hi, I was wondering if anyone on the list has had experience with
processing Kodachrome as black and white. I was given a few rolls of
exposed 16mm that missed the Dwayne's deadline, and I've been
experimenting with it. A couple of things:

- The first roll came out reasonably good (as negative), but the
black backing soiled the chemistry, and the next roll came out
covered in black. It seemed like more black was added to the film,
and the images didn't get completely processed or fixed. How does one
deal with the black backing? Any way to remove it other than scrubbing it off?

- In order to create a reversal image, a bleach bath is required, but
I haven't found any camera store that sells the photo bleach. (I
believe Kodak used to sell it as part of a reversal kit, which I
don't think is available any more.) I've seen on the web something
about mixing potassium dichromate with diluted sulfuric acid. Has
anyone tried this, and can these chemicals be purchased (without
getting one put on some security risk list)?

I'd be interested to hear anyone's experiences with this process.


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