Re: [Frameworks] Kodachrome processing as b&w

From: Jason Halprin (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Feb 06 2011 - 09:27:24 PST


To get the rem-jet backing off the film, soak it in a pre-bath and squeegee it
off. Robert Schaller has an excellent description and the formula for the
pre-bath here:

If you order the chemistry for R-9 bleach (in the US), you will likely have to
fill out a DEA form stating your planned use for the Sulfuric acid. My guess is
this does put you on some sort of watch list, but it's minor. If you order from
a place like Photographer's Formulary, they have this form available (and also
note that the Sulfuric acid they sell is 48%). I've done this a number of times,
and don't seem to get the extra security checks when I fly.

-Jason Halprin


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