[Frameworks] cold weather cameras

From: Amanda Christie (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jan 24 2011 - 16:39:32 PST

Hello all,

so after all of your fantastic recommendations on car crashes in
experimental film... the day of my film shoot is upon me, and I have a
new problem... New Brunswick is in the midst of a crazy cold snap
right now... today it was minus 37 degrees celsius and tomorrow I will
be hanging upside down in a car with exposed skin and wet fake
blood... aside from the obvious safety concerns for my flesh (which
may require wardrobe and script changes)... I'm wondering about

tomorrow is just a practice run (the local fire department is using my
little experimental film as a training exercise for their men, so as
long as I let them take me in and out of the car several times, I have
their help and two men and a fire truck for free on the day of my
shoot!). The local newspaper actually did a front page story on my
film and the fire department today which is pretty sweet since our
papers don't cover a lot of arts and culture, let alone experimental
film! http://timestranscript.canadaeast.com/front/article/1373622

The actual filming day is saturday and it's only supposed to be minus
10 degrees celsius, and we're shooting on an Arri 35 BL so that should
be fine at those temperatures...

but for both tomorrow (the test run) and saturday, I want to shoot
some video documentation on the process. I have access to mini DV
cameras (an XL2 and a TRV 950 as well as to DSLRs that shoot HD (the
Canon 5D and T2i).

Has anyone had experience shooting either miniDV or HD on a DSLR in
sub zero temperatures? What do I need to know to protect the cameras
and keep them functional? tomorrow shouldn't be as cold as today, but
it may still be in the minus 20something range... will the mechanics
on the miniDV lock up? am I better off with the DSLR?

And the Arri 35BL should be fine at minus 10 right?

any tips would be appreciated.

Here's hoping I still have all my fingers and toes on Sunday!

Amanda Dawn Christie
visit the profile for my latest film project in progress at:

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