Re: [Frameworks] 2K Telecine transfer

From: Robert Houllahan (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jan 24 2011 - 21:04:16 PST

> Of the 5 labs that you mentioned, could you please describe the experiences
> you had and why you would recommend one over an other?

I mentioned three big shops and two small ones, I work at Cinelab and we are getting a 2K/4K scanner from a company in LA. The big shops like Deluxe or Co3 will do excellent work but with no real discounts. I mentioned Cinelicious in LA as they cater to smaller jobs and film people as we do at Cinelab. I did not remember Metropolis but the Oxberry Cinescan is a very good (but slow) scanner. I know there was in LA for inexpensive 2K scans.

I think it just requires some looking around for a post house that you can work with. If the scanner is properly setup there should not be too much difference from machine to machine in a 2K scan.


Robert Houllahan
Film Maker
Colorist Cinelab Inc.

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