Re: [Frameworks] Optical Printer or S8 advice in Europe?

From: Diana Arce (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jan 06 2011 - 11:57:03 PST

Dear Jeanne,

Thank for your response! I was thinking about shooting it off the wall
and I've done this before 16 to 16, but I am a bit confused if it will
work out well being that the S8 is shot at 18fps.

And as far as worth it goes, I guess the stability of the loop. I was
working on building a looper, but we kind of fell in love with the
idea of hanging the film throughout the space and taping it end to
end. Sort of as a visual element in the room. It's 15m long (50 feet).
I was thinking S8 might not be more likely to tear.

Are there any labs anymore making S8 prints from Positives for
reasonable prices, specifically in Europe?


On 05.01.2011, at 23:52, jeanne LIOTTA wrote:

> You could always shoot it off the wall onto 16mm color neg, process
> normally and then you will have a work print to make a loop from and
> a negative to make more, no optical printer necessary. Depending on
> yr subject matter ? should be fine. Nothing is wrong with super 8
> as a loop per se, what do you mean by "worth it"? You might want to
> think about the length-- are you building a looper or will you just
> run it through the projector taped end to end? There is always wear
> and tear on film loops,I dont think it's less for Super8 than 16mm.
> On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 5:03 AM, Diana Arce <email suppressed>
> wrote:
> HI Frameworkers,
> Happy New Year! A friend and I are working on a project which we shot
> on Super 8 Ektacrome. We unfortunately didn't really think out the
> entire project and in the end decided to use the film as a loop. We
> had the Ektacrome processed normally and I got in contact with Andec
> to find out how much making a copy would cost, which they priced at
> 300 Euro regardless of if our end copy would be 16 or S8. I usually
> only shoot 16 and didn't realize that reversal answer prints were not
> possible anymore (at least according to Andec).
> So here are my questions? First, is it even worth it to loop S8 for an
> installation or does it make more sense, in regards to wear or
> whatever, to do a blow up to 16. Second, does anyone know anyone in
> Berlin with an Optical Printer who would be interested in helping
> another filmmaker out? Or does anyone know of another lab in Europe
> that could make a copy of our S8 print for a better price?
> Thanks so much,
> Diana Arce
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