Re: [Frameworks] Loading two super 8 film in the Lomo Tank

From: Kevin Timmins (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jan 02 2011 - 14:13:26 PST

Just want to say thanks to Pip, Carl and Nicky for the help. Really appreciate the info!
Could you please follow the link bellow to a flickr page if you have time:
I've taken some photos of the pieces and have basically story-boarded the order of operation (well how I think it should go anyway). Pictures one to four show (to me) the only logical way to space everything out by 8mm and thread the whole thing together. The fifth photograph shows the bits left over. There are two screw on spacers, a bush and the handle. Obviously the handle must be used, however I'm still not clear wether to use one spacers, two spacers (one above and one bellow), the bush or none of these pieces at all (just screw in the handle as is sits in picture 4).
I'm guessing the height of the handle is pretty important as not to let any light in? Thanks again for the help so far, any tips on what's correct or incorrect would be ace!

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Subject: Re: [Frameworks] Loading two super 8 film in the Lomo Tank
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2011 14:04:10 +0000

Hi Kevin,
The bottom spiral stays as is. You remove the screw-on spacer from the centre of the upper spiral, and the top plate goes on whichever way makes the gap 8mm instead of 16mm.
If in doubt, have a practice with some film,
Nicky Hamlyn.
On 31 Dec 2010, at 16:45, Kevin Timmins wrote:I can have a good guess at how to load two super 8 films into my Lomo tank but I'd rather follow some instructions so as I can be sure I'm doing it right.
Basically the instructions that came with my tank are translated very very badly. It makes mention of 16mm film under the Loading two Super 8 Films section. There are also references to bits that don't appear in the accompanying images.
Anyway... can anybody link me to a webpage where it shows me the order of operation for developing two roll's of super 8 at the same time.
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