Re: [Frameworks] film vs digital

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Dec 16 2010 - 12:24:30 PST

Well I was hoping we'd avoid THAT barfight again; this isn't really a
film v digital argument per se in the sense that David responded...

But really Alain, tying digital motion pictures to television makes no
more sense than binding pure film to Hollywood,Bollywood, or narrative
arcs.... well maybe that's what youstart to say but why would that in
itself make you "hate video / digital filmmaking " ? You make the
association you seem to have rejected in the previous sentence !!

(and as far as I'm concerned, the further 'digital filmmaking goes
from video the better)

I should keep quiet,now, but I like working in digital as much as I
ever did with film, like any passion it has its frustrations, so does
celluloid, but really it's a young medium, it'll get where it needs to
be but that will happen more by engaging it...

> Because of TV, digital to these guys always seems to mean "following a
> narrative arc," as if that's the extent of the medium's possibilities. It's
> one more reason why I hate video-- Oops sorry, I mean "digital filmmaking."
> BTW, what does a "digital counterpart" look like-- do they get all broken up
> when they stop making sense?
> Film is probably now better placed in the art department

Art Departments never were that friendly were they ? Maybe that will
change (cd be for the better..)

>. And it has something to do
> with Facebook etc.

Huh ?????

So is Penelope weaning or unweaving ? ;-)

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