Re: [Frameworks] film to digi exhibition - its already happening

From: Pip Chodorov (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Dec 09 2010 - 05:08:51 PST

This is generally a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) containing JPEG 2000
files, 5.1 soundtrack files and subtitle files organized into folders
along with data files in XML format. It generally resembles the file
structure of a DVD, but can be encoded in 2K or 4K. The cinemas use
Adobe or Doremi severs, and they have to ingest the files into their
server before screening. This can take up to the real time of the
Information about the file structure and the software used to create
it can be found on the wiki page

At 12:59 +0000 9/12/10, mat fleming wrote:
>How does someone author a piece to be compatible with 2k or 4k
>d-cinema projectors?
>Is it possible outside of post production houses - just a case of
>project and export settings? Or is it a protected, propriety file
>format with a matching exclusive price tag necessitating the use of
>particular post houses?

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