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From: Steve Polta (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Nov 20 2010 - 12:46:46 PST

I like that someone mentioned Harry Smith's MAHAGONNY. Not his best film of course but a nice call.

Warren Sonbert (1947-1995) was a San Francisco-based filmmaker who worked (I believe) as a professional opera critic if you can believe it and traveled the world reviewing operas—can you believe such a thing? Many of this film works are silent but several use operatic music as soundtracks, including SHORT FUSE. See: Other films by him use opera on their tracks—possibly FRIENDLY WITNESS and WHIPLASH?—but I'm not as familiar with his work as I could be so I can't say exactly. Films available from Canyon Cinema.

Lewis Klahr's LULU (1996) was intended (I believe) to participate in a production of Berg's opera of the same title.

I'm also surprised that no one has yet mentioned ARIA (1987) which was/is a feature length compendium of "music video" type things set to operatic arias by the likes of JG Godard, N. Roeg, R. Altman, K. Russel, et al. ARIA is a pretty interesting artifact to be sure...

Steve Polta

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Dear Frameworks:

I'm wondering what you might turn up on the idea of opera; the group I'm doing a program for is basing a two day screening and discussion  around it; with Mark Dornfor-May's U-Carmen as a feature within it. They are very happy to consider the topic broadly, so I'd love to include some experimental work. I've thought of things from Potter's Thriller to K. Resetartis' Aegypten. I'm interested in hearing about pieces which are not just opera in subject but in form or feel.

thanks so much--Meg
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