Re: [Frameworks] opera

From: margaret jamieson (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Nov 20 2010 - 10:26:54 PST

What a wealth of on and off list suggestions!

It is true that my call was vague, but your answers were not; so deeply, deeply appreciated. There are many directions which are possible, and the group I'm programming for is pretty open, as I've said. It's a college at Cambridge U., one which early admitted women, and it has a really nice gallery and ongoing series of performances, including twice yearly screenings, with discussions. I'm hoping to round up some interesting scholars, writers, filmmakers (they'd have to be nearby, but excellent food and gothic lodging) to participate in the panel and interact with the college Fellows.

  I would guess that if the programming idea was grounded in, or extended from, a recognizable motif in opera, they would accept it. I'm thinking of working from Edward Cone's ideas, with the orphic figure (improvisational composer/performer) as occupying the role set by the nature of opera.

With Carmen at the center, and a scenario designed to heighten awareness of class and race (and gender, as Carmen will) the operatic character moves into a more political and context specific area. Jarman is a great idea, as Tilda Swinton is a mythical figure, an alum of the college.

But in the end, I want to have the two evenings of screenings be a compelling filmic experience, so all of these have great possibility, and I thank you so much. I'll always take more.

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