Re: [Frameworks] ESO-S sells projectors, cameras, parts, film stuff!

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Date: Thu Nov 04 2010 - 17:46:31 PDT

On Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 5:23 PM, Larry Urbanski <email suppressed>wrote:

> Anyone who has been in film a while has dealt with ESO-S in Kansas City,
> MO. Harry Hilfinger has finally retired. His daughter, Nancy, is cleaning
> out Harry’s basement shop. He sold out the film, but there are lots of film
> cans, 16mm projectors, screens (tripod and wall hanging), tripods, theater
> seats, all kind of parts for 8mm/16mm cameras and projectors.
> There is a large collection of film books, film related magazines, etc.
> Harry had a storefront so there is actually some old new stock of small
> camera accessories. There are bins of parts marked with Bolex, B&H..etc…
> There are Bell and Howell projectors (100 to 1500), Victor (wood & steel
> cases), Singer, Kodak, Keystone, odd brands, stuff, 8mm 16mm sound
> and silent….pretty much a lot of stuff that would be fun to go through. Best
> offer, as they are intending clean to out the basement. Call Nancy for an
> appointment to drop over and carry out some stuff. There is a lot of
> it…located in Kansas City, MO.. E mail me for her phone number.
> Larry


Is all of this stuff for local pick up only?


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