[Frameworks] ESO-S sells projectors, cameras,parts, film stuff!

From: Larry Urbanski (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Nov 04 2010 - 17:23:13 PDT

Anyone who has been in film a while has dealt with ESO-S in Kansas City, MO. Harry Hilfinger has finally retired. His daughter, Nancy, is cleaning out Harry’s basement shop. He sold out the film, but there are lots of film cans, 16mm projectors, screens (tripod and wall hanging), tripods, theater seats, all kind of parts for 8mm/16mm cameras and projectors.
There is a large collection of film books, film related magazines, etc. Harry had a storefront so there is actually some old new stock of small camera accessories. There are bins of parts marked with Bolex, B&H..etc… There are Bell and Howell projectors (100 to 1500), Victor (wood & steel cases), Singer, Kodak, Keystone, odd brands, ..audio stuff, 8mm 16mm sound and silent….pretty much a lot of stuff that would be fun to go through. Best offer, as they are intending clean to out the basement. Call Nancy for an appointment to drop over and carry out some stuff. There is a lot of it…located in Kansas City, MO.. E mail me for her phone number.


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