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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the comments! I think Patrick answered most of your
questions. A few notes:

Picture Start in Chicago dates 1981 - 1993; many of the films came
from Serious Business in Berkley, CA after it closed.

CF did publicize the collection through a printed catalogue which was
widely distributed but not updated or reprinted. This is the first
appearance of the collection online.

We're not accepting new films at this time. The most recent
acquisition was the Tom Palazzolo prints in 2005. I suppose if we were
to accept films, they would have some strong Chicago connection (other
Chicago filmmakers represented include Heather McAdams, Zack Stiglicz,
Allen Ross, and Mehrnaz Saeed-Vafa among others).

Films currently rent for $3 per minute with a $20 minimum, plus
shipping. Package programs can be discounted if necessary. I'll put
rental procedures up in the next week or so, but it's fairly informal.
Email and phone orders are fine. Everything is inspected before they
go out.

In an effort to put the collection in the public eye, we're
programming screenings here on various subjects that will hopefully be
listed on the Distribution Project page that others can use (similar
to Canyon's site). Last Friday we did a program of Japanese animation
that was pretty super, we did a James Herbert show in July and a short
narrative show in August.


Todd Lillethun
Program Director
Chicago Filmmakers
5243 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60640

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> Wow! A new rental source! In the twenty-first century!
> Amazing!
> All these new names and titles.
> I never thought I'd see the day...
> I'm curious about the operation...
> Are you seriously renting out 16mm film?
> You're inspecting it and taking care of it and all that? Amazing.
> Any plans to build the collection? Acquire new titles?
> Can one submit one's films for distribution...?
> I'm sure are curious about rates and rental procedures.
> Can't find it on the website.
> How does one go about using these films???
> Inquiring minds want to know...
> In the meantime, three cheers for Chicago Filmmakers!

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