Re: [Frameworks] 16mm in the classroom - projector noise!

From: Amanda Christie (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Oct 26 2010 - 05:29:00 PDT

NSCAD uses a similar plywood box with a window in front of the lens.
The difference with theirs is that instead of leaving one side open to
access the projector, they have a door on hinges... so you can open it
to load the projector and close it once things are running smoothly.
It does a pretty good job and reducing noise. They painted it black
so it looks a bit less sketchy.

You could also line the inside with a layer of foam, followed by
another layer of a solid material (even something as simple as
cardstock) to reduce foam bits from flaking onto film and to increase
noise reduction. the addition of those two inner layers (bumpy foam
and smooth surfac) would improve noise reduction immensely.


Le 26-Oct-10 à 2:55 AM, Ken Bawcom a écrit :

> For in-office projection at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, we made a
> foam lined plywood box, with a window in front of the lens. It sat on
> a metal cart. It was open on one side, for access to the projector. It
> didn't eliminate the noise, but did reduce it quite a bit. I suppose
> that with the addition of a small fan for ventilation, it might be
> possible to have a door on one side, and close it off completely.
> Another possibility - I know that they make electronic noise
> cancellation devices for industrial equipment. I suppose one could be
> configured to cancel projector noise, but I don't know how expensive
> that would be.
> Ken B.
> Quoting Brook Hinton <email suppressed>:
>> Howdy Frameworkers,
>> On another media in the classroom note - has anyone come up with any
>> sort of homebrew projection booth or projector noise muffling
>> solution
>> for classrooms with no booth? I was about to rent some Nathaniel
>> Dorsky films to show in a course I'm teaching, but then realized that
>> glorious silence that is so essential to those images would instead
>> by
>> a constant din courtesy of the Elmo Corporation. Once I started
>> thinking about this I realized how many films I might otherwise
>> screen
>> would be seriously compromised by such a setting - sound films as
>> well.
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