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From: k. a.r. (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Oct 14 2010 - 08:14:47 PDT

7:30 PM @ Anthology Film Archives, NYC

“Legendary San Francisco underground filmmaker Dean Snider made over 100
 films between 1979-1990. These usually short, deeply personal, and
always entertaining works bring us someplace most filmmakers fear to
tread. Often handmade, scratched, shot, found, and re-appropriated,
Dean’s movies defy most stipulations that exist (and they do exist)
within experimental cinema. Mostly produced in the early 80s, during the
 first years of the No Nothing Cinema, a free underground screening
venue that Snider was instrumental in creating, his movies contain the
feisty anarchistic sense of energy that No Nothing represented – they
are sarcastic, funny, beautiful, sometimes fast, and always engaging,
even down to the very layers of celluloid in which his hand scratched
those initials ‘D.S.’ Snider created some of the most self-revealingly
personal films you’re ever likely to see.
“Tonight’s program will
feature rarely screened 16mm prints recently preserved by Anthology Film
 Archives with support from the National Film Preservation Foundation
and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.
“In addition, these 16mm works will be preceded by some of the 35mm films Snider made in the late 80s, as well as the NY premiere of a new video by Michael Rudnick, DUGOUT ON BERRY ST.,
 which gives us an in-depth look at Snider’s venue, the No Nothing
Cinema. Starring Dean, Rock Ross, and George Kuchar, it also happens to
be dedicated to those same three men. Shot during a time when many of
the films on view this evening were being produced, it offers a glimpse
into a scene that continues to thrive as Dean Snider’s legacy lives on
throughout the streets of San Francisco.” –Douglas Katelus

Michael Rudnick DUGOUT ON BERRY ST. (2009, 18 minutes, video)
LA MAR (1987, 5 minutes, 35mm)
I’M BEGINNING TO SEE THE LIGHT (1987, 5 minutes, 35mm)
A VERY UNFORTUNATE STORY (1987, 3 minutes, 35mm)
ALL ABOUT EGGS (1991, 3 minutes, 35mm)
FRIENDS ALONG THE WAY (1990, 1 minute, 35mm)
TWO MORE (ca. late 1980s, 3 minutes, 35mm)
THE NIGHT COULD LAST FOREVER (1985, 9 minutes, 35mm)
HEY! (1981, 0.0417 seconds, 16mm)
BORED MEMBERS (1981, 2 minutes, 16mm)
CLOUD NINE (1983, 3 minutes, 16mm)
ISH & VINNY (1982, 18 seconds, 16mm)
PREFERRED PIECE (1982, 1 minute, 16mm)
1984 (1984, 50 seconds, 16mm)
BLOTCHER FILM (1981, 30 seconds, 16mm)
WAUWATOSA (1978, 2 minutes, 16mm)
LAND WITHOUT TALK (1989, 5 minutes, 16mm)
WITHOUT YOU BABE (1987, 5 minutes, 16mm)
Total running time: ca. 75 minutes.


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