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Well- at the risk of entering the fray without having read any of the earlier missives I must come to Ubu's defense. Having been rejected by every major video art distributor in the U.S, having at last let go of the apparently frivolous desire to make any money off of my work, having concluded that the web offered at least some method of broadcasting the work to a larger audience, and having appreciated the opportunities afforded by Ubu to showcase important work to my students, I happily flung 13 titles up onto Ubu and never regretted it. I realize there are copyright and permission issues of substantial importance that have arisen in this context, but I'm not one to be counted amongst those who celebrate their demise.

Peter Rose





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Ah, this is such good news. I will refrain from posting a screed about that site. A Google search offers a number of condolences to Ken Goldsmith, UBU's founder. One writer wondered if the anniversary of John Lennon's death and the simultaneous hacking of UBU had anything in common.
So thrilled!
Beverly O'Neill

On Oct 11, 2010, at 8:01 PM, Shane Christian Eason wrote: UBU is offline! Hacked!

Considering what has been discussed in the past regarding this website,
does anyone want to comment on this? Additional information? Very odd,
considering I was on the site this past weekend. Although, my iPhone App
for WFMU UbuWeb Radio continues to work.

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