Re: [Frameworks] 8mm & 16mm Odds n Ends Yardsale NYC

From: Sasha Janerus (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Oct 11 2010 - 15:33:40 PDT

I'd be interested in pretty much anything and everything & can be there
almost anytime tomorrow/weds. Let me know.


Sasha Janerus

On Sun, Oct 10, 2010 at 9:25 PM, Benj Gerdes <email suppressed> wrote:

> Dear Frameworkers,
> I am moving this week and wanted to try to unload the following random
> equipments/prints/stock on someone who might actually use them. I
> don't have time to ship anything, so this is local only. I am not
> setting prices, so please offer or barter w/ whatever you think is
> fair. While cash would be appreciated for some of these items, I am
> open and primarily hope someone will come take this stuff off my
> hands. The DS8 cameras are nifty soviet objects in their own right,
> other stuff might be useful to the right hands and minds. I would love
> to get rid of this by Wednesday. Pick-up in Bed Stuy only.
> Thanks,
> Benj
> -------
> DS8 Cameras (both working the last time I checked):
> -Quartz Zoom DS8-3 Double Super 8 Camera (Made in USSR)
> -Meopta AG2 Supra Double Super 8mm Camera (Made in Czechoslovakia)
> *with these you can get 1 expired early 2000s but frozen starter roll
> of Fomapan R 100 B&W DS8 film (you can still buy DS8 stock in the US
> and elsewhere in some but not all stocks).
> -------
> Dead film stocks (for fun but probably not for profit):
> 1 400' reel Ektachrome 7240 expired early 2000s frozen since
> 4 Super-8 cartridges Ektachrome 7240 Expired in early 2000s frozen for
> some of that time
> 9 Cartridges Kodachrome II Expired in October '74--I've heard you can
> hand-process as B&W, but obviously never got around to trying this.
> -------
> Dual 8 Viewer:
> Suntar Reg 8mm/Super 8-solid metal construction, lamp works
> -------
> Reg8/Super8/16mm Prints:
> I have a couple boxes of found Super 8 & 16mm prints, not all are
> labeled or cataloged, and most I haven't watched:
> -4 400ft reels of Super 8 outtakes from a "home movie" sequence I co-
> produced for a romantic comedy feature in 2001. See SAG actors
> pantomime a child's birthday party in the 70s, etc. I had thought I
> might use this for a piece but you should instead.
> -Reg 8mm Burning of the Hindenberg 50'
> -Reg 8 US Blasts Marshall Islands 50' Castle Films
> -16mm reel of trailers for Three Days of the Condor and other films
> from '75
> -Reg 8 Dr Cyclops Castle Films 400'
> -Reg 8 Bat Men of Africa 400'
> -16mm "The Fuller Brush Man" 3 1200' reels (whatever this is, how
> could this be 3 reels?)
> -16mm At War with the Army 1/2 1200' reel
> -Super 8 7 Great Knockouts Duran vs Dejesus 400' inside plastic
> looper, you can open it w/ a hammer and take film out
> -2 other 400' super 8 boxing films, I think one is Ali vs Frazier but
> may be misremembering
> -16mm Chimp the Cowboy 400'
> Lots of 50' super 8 and 16 reels, too, if anyone needs those.
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