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There's also an interactive DVD-ROM called "Tracing the Decay of Fiction"
that Pat made in 2002 with Marsha Kinder at that center she runs at USC
(can't remember the name). It's pretty good. Not only can you roam the
haunted hallways of the hotel, but there's also an aerial view of the
"Miracle Mile". Click on a building and it takes you there and offers a
social and demographic history of the decay of that particular neighborhood.

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> Seconded! Pat O'Neill is brilliant. I hope he releases "The Decay of
> Fiction" on DVD soon...
> Aaron
> At 10/1/2010, you wrote:
>>Can't recall anyone mentioning it here before, but for all those
>>enchanted by the early and later films of Pat O'Neill, they can be
>>purchased now for home viewing from Lookout Mountain
>>The "7362" set contains rarely seen early works such as "By The Sea"
>>and "Bump City" ~ whilst the latest, personal, handheld work such
>>as "I Open The Window" is available on "Starting To Go Bad" disc
>>There are also the monumental "Water and Power" and "Trouble In the Image"
>>The transfers are magnificent, the soundtracks remixed and
>>remastered - and the purchase prices well within reach ~ I
>>bought the lot ~ they're superb...
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