Re: [Frameworks] Lookout Mountain films (Pat O'Neill)

From: Aaron F. Ross (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Oct 01 2010 - 13:39:00 PDT

Seconded! Pat O'Neill is brilliant. I hope he releases "The Decay of
Fiction" on DVD soon...


At 10/1/2010, you wrote:
>Can't recall anyone mentioning it here before, but for all those
>enchanted by the early and later films of Pat O'Neill, they can be
>purchased now for home viewing from Lookout Mountain
>The "7362" set contains rarely seen early works such as "By The Sea"
>and "Bump City" ~ whilst the latest, personal, handheld work such
>as "I Open The Window" is available on "Starting To Go Bad" disc
>There are also the monumental "Water and Power" and "Trouble In the Image"
>The transfers are magnificent, the soundtracks remixed and
>remastered - and the purchase prices well within reach ~ I
>bought the lot ~ they're superb...
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