Re: [Frameworks] ever heard of Adam Rokhsar?

From: Sam Wells (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Sep 26 2010 - 12:24:33 PDT

Well perhaps - on further reading - "mel frequency cepstral
coefficients" - (re: "Spirit Is A Bone, Heaven Is A Truck" ) - which
I'm not at all familiar with - may not have the kind of relationship
to holonmics I thought, still as they are derived from the Fourier
Transform - the inverse of which is how we percieve though refractive
lenses e.g. eye; lenses do an inverse FT which essentially transforms
unfocussed holographic light which is holographic into the domain of
spatial geometry,
but it seems re holonomics that what we might be experiencing is not
space-time directly, but the retransform, a hologram that is 'in here'
(brains) but which projects 'out there' so is equivalent to the
space-time we are in (we can get around in it !) and this equivalence
is negotiated by the FT, you could say. So holonomic brain theory
would seem to deal with perception in this way,,rather than perception
as a kind of catalogue of stored models (essentially based on
Euclidian geometry in the case of visual perception) & identities.

Anyway I was thinking about image/sound relationship in 'holonomic'
terms as as holonmics, the hologram can actuall apply to all
perception, auditory & soma-somatic also

How a visual holographic state could negotiate with an auditory one
via what interferences I don't know (and if I "knew" I couldn't do
the math so I'd be intuiting or collecting the idea second-hand !) nor
am I sure exactly what superpositioning is required but certainly at
the very least I think it
might be safe to say the states - in summing to a percept - must
contain isotropic or isomorphic elements, and superpose so there must
be a gestalt that could be described if we knew the mechanism......

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