Re: [Frameworks] FW: Kodachrome 40 & Push Processing

From: edwin m (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Sep 26 2010 - 05:13:46 PDT

remember too that if you're pushing reversal, there's a limit to how far you can go because of the chemistry itself, and the tolerance of the emulsion to being submerged for so long. i've always heard it's really unwise to go beyond two stops.

also, every stop you push the exposure, you lose another two stops or so of latitude, so you have to expose super-carefully

good luck!


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> Subject: [Frameworks] FW: Kodachrome 40 & Push Processing
> Alex re. pushing Kod 40 2/3 stops,
> It's little help perhaps, but I requested such special treatment with some
> 16mm stock in the early 70's; the response from the Kodak lab was "no way!"
> As I said, that's hardly helpful.
> But it allows me to ask you how / where you are getting your Kod 40
> processed as I have a pair of 16mm rolls, shot as stereo pairs, that I'd
> like to think the quality of processing matches the quality of
> cinematography.
> You might couple your desire for illumination by push-rating, with
> diminution of the fps of your camera, and appropriate choice of fast lens.
> Indeed, as a back-up, if your choice of camera allows it, I'd spend a little
> time with time-exposures which are GUARANTEED to capture a unique record if
> all else fails, and might just ... but that's me. Good luck.
> Cordially
> David @ THE
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