[Frameworks] FW: Kodachrome 40 & Push Processing

From: David Woods (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Sep 25 2010 - 05:13:16 PDT

Alex re. pushing Kod 40 2/3 stops,
It's little help perhaps, but I requested such special treatment with some
16mm stock in the early 70's; the response from the Kodak lab was "no way!"
As I said, that's hardly helpful.
But it allows me to ask you how / where you are getting your Kod 40
processed as I have a pair of 16mm rolls, shot as stereo pairs, that I'd
like to think the quality of processing matches the quality of
You might couple your desire for illumination by push-rating, with
diminution of the fps of your camera, and appropriate choice of fast lens.
Indeed, as a back-up, if your choice of camera allows it, I'd spend a little
time with time-exposures which are GUARANTEED to capture a unique record if
all else fails, and might just ... but that's me. Good luck.
David @ THE

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