Re: [Frameworks] video projector recommendations?

From: David Tetzlaff (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Sep 23 2010 - 05:30:44 PDT


IMHO the only kind of video projector worth your time is a 3-chip DLP.
These are expensive. IMHO, the Panasonic models are among the best.
Any LCD based projector is likely to have REALLY lousy contrast ratio,
and they tend to be completely unacceptable projecting monochrome
(adding uneven color artifacting at the corners especially). A one
chip DLP employs a rotating wheel to color the image. The color tends
to be weaker, but more importantly the wheel introduces an strobe
effect that some people supposedly can't see, but is likely to be
extremely annoying for those who can.

Depending on what you mean by 'small space' you might get by with an
Infocus 777, which you might be able to get used more economically.

Another thing to consider is native aspect ratio, especially if the
projector will be installed, rather than moved and set up for each
showing. If you're projecting any significant amt. of work in 4:3,
you'll want a 4:3 projector. (When a 4:3 projects 16x9 it cuts off the
top and bottom, leaving you with the maximum width of your screen
(which is the fixed factor, no doubt). On the other hand, when a 16:9
projects 4:3, it cuts off the sides, and you don't get full width of
your screen unless you move the projector...

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