[Frameworks] video projector recommendations?

From: Ekrem Serdar (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Sep 22 2010 - 13:56:28 PDT

Dear Frameworkers,

  I'm wondering if you could educate me regarding recommendations you might
have for a good video projector for a small space that can do justice to any
number of pieces, whether they be HD, or other factors that'll matter that I
might not be aware of... The only real experience I have projecting video is
with a small epson which was somewhat heartbreaking. I'm applying for a
relatively small grant right now for a screening series in a small space,
and my ignorant self tells me that it might end up being cheaper for me
(read: more money for more films) to stick to film, get two good tungsten
film projectors, but I'd like to be able to get some videos in the programs
too. If there are any models you recommend, or if you think my presumptions
are flat out wrong, do let me know and I can research them, whether they're
available for rent around here if I can't afford it, etc.

-ekrem serdar
austin, tx

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