[Frameworks] The 8 fest - Deadline EXTENDED!

From: Chris Kennedy (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Sep 19 2010 - 12:55:12 PDT

By request, we've extended the deadline for the 8 fest to September 30,
postmarked! Thanks, Chris


the 8 fest  2011
The 8 fest seeks your 8mm, Super-8, 9.5mm or other small gauge film projects
(such as loops and installations) for our 2011 installment next January.
The 8 fest exhibits all work on film. Works selected for the festival,
therefore, must be finished on small-gauge film (8mm, Super 8, 9.5mm). We
also exhibit blow-ups to 16mm of films that have been finished on
small-gauge (or unsplit 8mm pieces). We do not exhibit projects on video or

The 8 fest uses professional small-gauge projection equipment including Elmo
GS-1200 and ST-1200 models. Our technicians and programmers have many years
experience specializing in small-gauge film formats and technology. The
greatest care will be taken in handling, previewing and projecting films. .
Submission form online at: http://the8fest.com/

NEW Deadline: Postmarked September 30, 2010
No Submission Fee

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