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Date: Mon Sep 13 2010 - 08:31:33 PDT

Thanks Jonathan, My point is to try to find similar films to 133 and explain why they use found footage technic with a structural form: I have already seen the Shoot shoot shoot DVD. Is Dirty by Dwoskin a found footage refilmation? I though it was his own film, projected and filmed again. Runaway by Standish Lawder could be fit on that label. Thanks, Albert ________________________________ De: Jonathan Walley <email suppressed> Para: Experimental Film Discussion List <email suppressed> Enviado: dom,12 septiembre, 2010 23:35 Asunto: Re: [Frameworks] found footage structural films Oh, yeah - if you want to include "structural-materialist film" (a somewhat less controversial label), then there are many more examples, as Pablo points out with Little Dog for Roger (9.5mm home movie footage from Le Grice's childhood). Also Guy Sherwin's astounding At the Academy. Stephen Dwoskin's Dirty might count as well. All three of those films are available on the DVD Shoot Shoot Shoot, which came out of the LFMC retrospective a few years back. Great DVD. Le Grice's Berlin Horse, too (also available on DVD). Jonathan On Sep 12, 2010, at 5:26 PM, Pablo Marin wrote: Albert, > > >Surfacing on the Thames, also by Rimmer. > > >Film in which there appear..., by Landow. > > >Little Dog for Roger, by Le Grice > > >133, by Balcells/Bonet > > >maybe some of the Austrian, like Arnold (Passage l'acte), Tscherkassky >(Manufraktur; Outer Space), Deutsch (Film ist.) or Kubelka's work, could enter >that description. > > >best, >pablo >(bs. as.) > >--- On Sun, 9/12/10, albert alcoz <email suppressed> wrote: > > >>From: albert alcoz <email suppressed> >>Subject: [Frameworks] found footage structural films >>To: "Experimental Film Discussion List" <email suppressed> >>Date: Sunday, September 12, 2010, 6:09 PM >> >> >>Hi, >> >>I'm writing a dissertation about experimental cinema >>and I have been doing a research about structural films that uses >>found footage. >> >>Some of the films i have found are: >> >>Eureka by Ernie Gehr, Tom Tom the Piper's Son by Ken Jacobs and >>Variations on a Cellophane Wrapper by David Rimer. >> >>Can someone add some other films? >> >>Is it right to talk about them as "found footage structural films"? >> >>Does it make any sense? >> >>Thanks, >> >>Albert Alcoz >> >> >> >>-----Inline Attachment Follows----- >> >> >>_______________________________________________ >>FrameWorks mailing list >>email suppressed >> >> >_______________________________________________ >FrameWorks mailing list >email suppressed > >

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