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From: Pablo Marin (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Sep 12 2010 - 14:26:57 PDT

Surfacing on the Thames, also by Rimmer.
Film in which there appear..., by Landow.
Little Dog for Roger, by Le Grice
133, by Balcells/Bonet
maybe some of the Austrian, like Arnold (Passage l'acte), Tscherkassky (Manufraktur; Outer Space), Deutsch (Film ist.) or Kubelka's work, could enter that description.
best,pablo(bs. as.)

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Subject: [Frameworks] found footage structural films
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I'm writing a dissertation about experimental cinema
and I have been doing a research about structural films that uses
found footage.

Some of the films i have found are:

Eureka by Ernie Gehr, Tom Tom the Piper's Son by Ken Jacobs and
Variations on a Cellophane Wrapper by David Rimer.

Can someone add some other films?

Is it right to talk about them as "found footage structural films"?

Does it make any sense?


Albert Alcoz

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