[Frameworks] Exploration of water as a physical active component within Expanded Cinema

From: jennifer cadger (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Sep 05 2010 - 02:47:26 PDT


Wow your work is fantastic and inspirational, and
the kind of work I am interested in looking at. I like the fact that people could
choose to be projected on or not. The last installation I did I didn’t give
anyone any choice all the projectors were in the centre of the room and I had
used plastic mirrors to reflect the projections around the room so that wherever
they went they were projected onto. I read Bradley Eros; “there will be projections in all
directions...” and looking back I realise that I was inspired by the title but
unaware of it when I was creating the installation! Thank you, Jen


Hi Gary,

I had seen something like
Judith Goddard’s reservoir when looking through YouTube, but it had been under
science experiments! Thanks I will look at her work in more depth.


Re: “bill
viola, he weeps for you”

I weep because Bill Viola
can’t help me!

Love his work but the
water is on film and on screen not physically in the space. However I am still
keeping my options open since of the use of water in expanded cinema is so
diverse I am not sure at this point how to link them to create a good dissertation.
It may be that it all comes together like a jigsaw puzzle or I focus on the
diversity, I’ll just have to wait and see where my research takes me! Thanks


Hi David,

Alexander Hahn, “On The Nature of Things” is exactly what I was looking for.
Question: How did he get away with the rain machine and the screens in a
gallery space!! I had to jump through hoops with Health and Safety at Uni when
I did my installation, in the end everyone had to be chaperoned as it was
classed as unsuitable for public viewing!


 Hi Andy,

Yes I
was aware of Robert Whitman’s “Shower (1965) but I had forgot about it so
thanks for reminding me.

Ken Jacobs coined the term
“paracinema” in relation to films without film but I don’t remember any mention
of mist.

I was aware of Stan
Vanderbeek, “Movie-Drome” but after some googling found that yes he did use
steam screens in some of his work. Thanks


Hi Roger

I had never heard of the artists
Luis Recoder and Sandra Gibson's. Initial googling has thrown
up use of water spay bottles and I have found mention of the humidifiers so I
will research further. Thanks


Hi wenhua

I love Anthony McCall’s work, but I believe it is classified more as paracinema
and I am looking more for water rather than mist or steam. However anything
that is not directly related to my dissertation topic is still extremely
relevant to my studio practice and I am being inspired by every artist




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