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From: Steve Polta (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Sep 04 2010 - 12:41:45 PDT

Video/installation artist Bill Viola works with water in nearly every piece he creates, at least in my personal conception of him. He uses it metaphorically—often to represent states of consciousness—in his single channel videos and uses water physically in installations, such as a piece in which video monitors showing images of sleeping people are displayed submerged in barrels filled with water. Also an amazing piece in which a super tiny drop of water  lenses an image of the gallery space (all people therein etc) into a tiny video camera, with the resultant image screened huge on the wall, but only briefly, before the drop falls. (When the drop falls it hits an amplified surface with a crash.) Viola's work is comprehensively documented with books probably held in many many public libraries.

Luis Recorder also has an amazing cinema-based performance piece called LIQUID LIGHT which involves spraying water from a spray bottle onto projector room glass while an empty (film-less) projector shoots out its white rectangle.

Al Wong is/was a Bay Area installation who often worked with water, including the creation of "ponds" (irregularly shaped floor-based pools) onto which images were projected (and from which they were reflected).

The silt collective (also Bay Area, and currently inactive, although member Keith Evans is still very active) once worked with "kymatics" which (I believe) were wave forms created on the surface of water held in these custom-made (waterproof) speakers. As sound activated the speaker, the water's surface patterns changed with any projections reflecting off these surfaces changing in correspondence.

Steve Polta

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bill viola, he weeps for you

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