[Frameworks] “Exploration of water as a physical active component within Expanded Cinema”

From: jennifer cadger (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Sep 04 2010 - 02:19:59 PDT


am currently a student at University of Central Lancashire (Uclan) where I am
doing a BA (Hons) Fine Art. Last term my studio work led me into the realm of
Expanded Cinema and for my finial submission I did an expanded cinema
installation involving 3 experimental films and 3 overhead projectors each of
which had moving images. On one of the projectors I had a clear plastic tub
which had in it a washing machine glass bowl in which I had water, a water pump
and the clear waterproof casing from a 35mm camera that created a moving image.
Which was great, as an experiment, however totally unsuitable for public


am posting to frameworks for help with researching my dissertation.


have chosen the working title of;

“Exploration of water as a
physical active component within Expanded Cinema”


have been inspired by;

Meigh-Andrews lecture series at Uclan

John Wood and Paul
Harrison; Harry Houdini (there's no escape that I can
see) 1994

Bradley Eros published article “There will be
projections in all dimensions” where he describes a projection from the New York
Underground film festival 2000. Where an 8mm projector and a glass of whiskey
was used to create “cinema but not film?” (What can I say I’m Scottish!)

Zoe Redmans; She, Her, I. Which
I saw recently at Street Level Photoworks in Glasgow

research had uncovered;

Whitman; Two holes of water two (1966)

Artists; Lenka Novakova and Michael Brown

was also intrigued by the recent listing for;

for seeing: Out of the Cineplex and into the Marshlands curated by Gerda
Cammaer with whom I have already corresponded.


am aware that there is a lot of artist who have worked with film/video etc
where water has been an integral part of the projected image/installation i.e.;
Chris Meigh-Andrews; Eau d'Artifice.


I am looking for examples of artists work where the water is physically present
(preferably moving) in the gallery space or like “Sites for seeing: Out of the Cineplex and into the Marshlands”
where the projection has been taken out of the gallery space and into a watery environment.


is my first post and I have been watching frameworks since my trip to “no.w.here” earlier
on this year, so I am sure that I will (hopefully) spark some discussion!

“Let the deluge begin!”
(Sorry couldn’t help myself!)


Hence, I would appreciate your
help in this research and would ask that if you have detailed information like Journal
article, artist, date, book title and page number or artist’s web site etc. That
would be great! As searching JSTOR or Google for Expanded Cinema and water doesn’t
get you very far! Also if you are aware of any up and coming exhibitions in the
UK that would be relevant that would be great too!


would also ask Permission from the administrator of frameworks to cite any discussions
that occur in relation to this post.








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