Re: [Frameworks] Open letter to Jeff Kreines

From: Chuck Kleinhans (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Aug 09 2010 - 16:54:37 PDT

Mark and all,

I respectfully disagree. Jeff did post an answer, but it was totally opaque and
enigmatic. Especially given Scott's statement that he had repeatedly tried to get
information (by email and so forth) from Jeff to no avail. I don't undestand Jeff's
behavior or its cause(s).

Possibilities suggest themselves:
1. Jeff detests Scott and will not communicate with him about what seems to be a
simple business matter. Why this is, we don't know.

2. Jeff failed to keep up with his email and business of distributing his films for
some unknown reason and now when called out won't frankly give Scott (and the rest
of us) a ready simple answer.

3. Jeff prefers to be as mysterious as he is so that asking him a simple business
question is like consulting the oracle. I personally have experienced this with some
filmmakers who regard themselves as divine geniuses who can't be bothered with the
mundane world; or who seem vexed and crazy and can only give you a straight answer
once in a blue moon; or who are going through some personal medical crisis or
personal life distress and will have to check in with reality later; or are drugged
up or addictive impaired. (Specific names to back these up provided off-list--hey,
just kidding folks about names--but in 40 years of writing about and teaching films
I've seen all of this first hand.)

Jeff could clear this up by simply posting his standard rates for rental, purchase,
etc. (by different categories if that applies: institutions, schools, private
screenings, public, public for admission, etc.) as do all "real" distributors.

Scott asked the additional question if there is some way he could view it for
purposes of writing about it for a critical project. This is a totally ordinary
request that critics/researchers make (as well as programmers, journalists, etc.)
Many makers see the positive logic of having their work discussed and will send a
free or nominal "screener" (usually a DVD with a constant or occasional subtitle
indicating it is not for exhibition--e.g. like those airline movies). Some artists
don't do this and think critics are taking bread out of their kid's mouth by not
paying full freight. So be it. I and many others on the list have seen both

Why this is such a pesky and prickly matter, I don't understand. Nor, it seems,
does Scott. The ball is in Jef's court.

Maybe Joel DeMott could intervene and cut to the quick?

Chuck Kleinhans

> Jeff answered these question on-list, though.  The films are available through them
> directly.  In a separate email, Jeff also told me that they're showing in LA later
> this fall, for those on the list that might be in the area. 
> Mark T
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> Hey Frameworkers:    I've been asked off-list whether I ever heard anything back
> from Jeff Kreines and Joel DeMott about how to access their films.    No, nothing at
> all.    Don't understand it, but that's the way it is.    My loss. Maybe not only
> mine.
> Scott
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